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Film yourself ‘Dancing With No Fear’, with the single as the soundtrack, and email your footage to before midnight on 1st May – and you could be in the official video!  Please read the terms and conditions below for all the information you need about how to send your footage.

You can hear the track on Holly’s current album ‘Europa’, and it’s on Spotify here.

Away you go!

Terms and conditions:

  • By submitting your footage to be considered for the ‘Dancing With No Fear’ video, you agree that your footage will be fully usable, editable and under Pleasuredome’s copyright
  • Submitting your footage does not guarantee that it will be featured in the official video
  • Footage submitted may be any length, but may be edited down
  • All footage submitted must be landscape, not portrait
  • All footage submitted must be in HD (1280x720p or 1920×1080 resolutions)
  • You may submit older footage rather than new footage, providing it is already digitised
  • If filming footage on your mobile phone, you must use the phone’s main camera and not the front-facing one in order to ensure that the quality of the video is high enough
  • Footage must be submitted no later than 11.59pm BST on Friday 1st May 2015. Submissions received after this will not be considered
  • Footage submitted that does not conform to all of the terms and conditions will not be considered